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Team SEO and Content

Where you can find us

You’ll find the content and SEO team at our offices in Karlsruhe, Barcelona, and Cologne – as well as at all of our events and happenings, whether in person or digitally in the form of webinars. Our goal with your digital strategy is to shape your content and fine-tune its tone so it can be found by your target audience in search engines!

How we work

Strategic content ensures long-lasting success, which is why we rely on the following three pillars for all the content we create: strategic, sustainable, and helpful.

From topic and keyword research, through conception, to implementation, monitoring, and optimization – we support you content-wise at every step of your journey. We start with thorough analyses to develop a deep understanding of your target audiences’ needs. Based on this, we create high-quality content for your digital platforms that is both relevant and optimized for search engines.


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Team SEO and Content

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Our projects

Learn more about what we do with and for our partners, how we develop strategies that help them reach their goals, and how we support their digital journey.