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Visual branding audit: how strong is your brand?

The first impression counts

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. When users land on your website, they know within 0.05 seconds whether they like what they see and whether they feel comfortable. If they do, they will stay on your website and, in the best case, become customers. In the worst case, they will switch to the competition. That’s why it’s important to position your brand strongly and consistently at all points of contact with potential customers, and to attract users on a visual level.

Detailed analysis

With our visual brand audit, we thoroughly analyze your online and offline brand impression. The result and our recommendations for action will ultimately focus on your digital presence, but offline material is a valuable part of the analysis. Since your visual appearance can communicate much to potential customers, it should be integrated into your business goals. The goal is to use your brand in a contemporary, trustworthy and purposeful way.

Your benefits at a glance

Suggestions for improvement

The most important suggestions for improvement in a clear list

Detailed Explanations

Detailed explanations with screenshots

Clear focus

Focus on the most important issues that impact your brand presence

Visual branding audit: our process


Review of all existing brand materials and information

First, we familiarize ourselves with your brand as thoroughly as possible. We’ll ask you some core questions, so you can personally introduce your brand and explain your goals. We also look at a combination of analog (e.g. print brochures) as well as digital material (e.g. online ads).


Concept and strategy

In the next step, we analyze the brand in comparison with the competition. We get to the bottom of your entire external image: Is your strategy up to date for a good market positioning? Do you communicate your USPs clearly? Are you delivering on your brand promises?


Analysis of visual

After we have looked at your visual output in the context of your brand goals and competition, we continue with the analysis of the brand appearance. Ideally, your brand image communicates your strengths at every touchpoint you have with potential customers. We look at your digital products such as website, app, intranet, social media posts, etc. and check whether there are inconsistencies between the appearance and the existing branding elements and print products.

Optimizing your online brand presence

Our design team carefully describes and documents anything that comes up in their analysis. For each aspect, you will receive target-oriented recommendations for action, which you can then use to get started and optimize immediately. We present all the problems we find in a prioritized list so that you know exactly what needs to be done first. This way you can best take care of the important things first and optimize them step by step.


We need a lot of information about your brand and your goals beforehand, so we can really go into detail in the audit. After we’ve discussed everything, we’ll get started. You don’t have to do anything else until we give you the to-do list.

Visual branding audit: price

Basic branding audit: EUR 3,900 per brand.

A branding audit with more complex requirements, such as multiple sub-brands or the analysis of individual problems, will take us longer. We’re happy to provide you with an individual quote for this. In addition, we can take a look at the usability and accessibility of your website.

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