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Shop Audit: Check the Performance of your Online Shop

More conversions, fewer cart abandonments

The reasons why customers ultimately don’t shop with you can be very diverse. In the search for the causes, shop owners often forget to critically evaluate and test their own shop every day. Hand on heart: When was the last time you ordered from your own shop? We check your product view-to-conversion rate to determine if users have issues with your products, prices, product descriptions, etc. In the audit, we examine where purchases are abandoned in the process and what could be causing it. This could be unclear language on the product page or a malfunctioning button, for example. So, we test the user experience of your shop and provide you with specific improvement suggestions.

Our approach to Shop Audit

We analyze your shop from various perspectives – from “inexperienced surfers” to “SEO experts.” Through these perspective changes, we bring visible and invisible problems and hurdles to light that contribute every day to having fewer customers at the checkout than you could actually have. We look under the hood of your shop and into the tracking numbers (if you allow us) and complete a full user journey up to the test purchase. We start with Google search and go through the process until the received delivery and a review of the shop on Google. Your shop must be visible and well-placed on Google for new customers to easily find you. That’s why we examine the most important SEO factors of your website: information structure, links, meta descriptions, titles, etc.

Your benefits at a glance

Concrete List

The key points that need to be addressed in an overview.

Practical Experience

We provide you with specific action recommendations and best practice examples.

High-Performing Shop

Get more orders from your shop.

How we proceed with the Shop Audit

  • We make purchases in your shop as Mystery Shoppers and go through the entire process up to delivery (if possible).
  • Usability and shop standards (learned and expected procedures and processes from customers) are part of our audit and are carefully examined by our experts.
  • We look under the hood and behind the scenes, especially in the areas of SEO and tracking.
  • After the audit, we compile all identified issues, evaluate them, and determine their respective importance.
  • We provide you with a list of specific action recommendations, screenshots, screencasts, etc.
  • We discuss the results in a joint workshop so you can ask us questions directly.

Prerequisites and what you need to do

An online shop, ideally with tracking already enabled, should already be in place. For valid results, we need access to your Google Analytics account and other relevant tools. We’re happy to explain exactly why in a free initial consultation.

Our experienced e-commerce team examines your setup closely and looks for optimization opportunities.

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