ChatGPT & Co.: Workshop AI in editorial processes

More time for quality journalism

Let’s be honest: how much time do editors spend writing press releases compared to talking to people about exciting stories? With artificial intelligence, we can now finally (partially) automate tedious routine tasks and focus on what really counts and convinces readers of us and our pay products: quality journalism.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

The workshop is aimed at editors-in-chief, senior editors, and digital managers in media houses who are interested in increasing efficiency in the editorial department to give their teams more time to create quality content.

Your benefits at a glance

Current positioning of the megatrend AI

Basic principles, opportunities & risks, security & ownership


Structured guidance, reflected upon in the group

Results for practical application

Make tangible deductions for your own editorial work

Media and project strategist Christina identifies the areas of application in the editorial department with you in the workshop.

What you'll learn

Our trainers will not only provide you with fundamentals about AI but also demonstrate best practices with Chat GPT and other tools for use in editorial departments. We will work with you to identify specific scenarios and gain initial firsthand experience on how to best utilize AI in everyday editorial work. From supporting research to automating the creation of simple formats and preparing teasers for various channels, we’ll cover a range of applications. You will also learn to assess opportunities and risks and assign responsibilities. Ultimately, concrete measures that can be implemented immediately will be developed.

Workshop agenda

  • Introduction to AI
  • Fundamentals of AI
  • Prompting Best Practices with ChatGPT
  • Identifying Use Cases in the Editorial Department
  • Experimentation Workshop with Initial Custom Prompts
  • Experience Sharing
  • Evaluation of Results
  • Security & Ownership
  • Discussion Derivation of Concrete Measures / Initial Areas of Application
  • Conclusion

Schema of the AI process in content creation

Goals of the Workshop

  • Basic understanding of AI
  • Identifying areas of application within media houses
  • Identifying specific scenarios
  • Gaining initial personal experience
  • Being able to weigh opportunities and risks
  • Being willing to take concrete actions

Key information

  • In-house workshop tailored to your specific requirements
  • Duration: Full day, 10am to 5pm
  • Location: Karlsruhe and Cologne
  • Online is possible
  • Trainers: Christina D’Ilio, André Hellmann

Contact person

Christina D’Ilio
Digital Business-Strategian

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