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What does SVO group do?

The SVO group combines tradition and modernity. It has been an energy supplier and network operator for the Celle and Uelzen region in Germany for over 110 years. The SVO group supplies its customers with electricity, water, natural gas, drinking water, fiber-optic internet, and takes care of network operation. One of their concerns is creating a sustainable and digital future for their region. For this, the enterprise group promotes electromobility by expanding the necessary infrastructure and offers solutions to advance the energy transition in the region.

SVO’s goal is to supply all its customers with 100 percent green electricity in the future and, as a group of companies, to be completely emission-free by 2026.

Cooperation and challenges

SVO approached us in the course of a relaunch of its websites and

The goal of the relaunch was to first develop a digital strategy and then to comprehensively revise the websites with the aim of a better user experience digital process.

Digital processes not only help to better meet the needs of target groups, but also reduce the workload of employees. This includes active customer management, fault reports, address changes, up- and cross-selling, and customer acquisition and retention.

We supported SVO’s relaunch in the following areas:

Strategy: Target groups/personas for both end consumers and business customers, along with customer journeys for each persona.

Requirements: involve aligning user stories with customer journeys.

SEO concept: keyword research & SEO briefings

UX concept: sitemap, navigation, page types, user testing, content structure and wireframes

Technical implementation: setup infrastructure

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