Tariff and product guide for svo.de

Tariff and product guide for svo.de

Client: svo
The SVO Group is a regional energy supplier serving the Celle and Uelzen areas.
Industry: Energy Supply
Website: svo.de

The concept involves creating an intuitively usable tool tailored for various customer groups, aimed at facilitating cross-selling and upselling as well as acquiring new customers.




The result is a complex tool that still offers (potential) customers the fastest path to the best product solution.

What does the SVO group do?

Bei der SVO-Gruppe trifft Tradition auf Moderne: Seit über 110 Jahren ist sie Energieversorger sowie Netzbetreiber für die Region Celle und Uelzen. Die SVO-Gruppe versorgt ihre Kund:innen mit Strom, Wasser, Erdgas, Trinkwasser, glasfaserschnellem Internet und kümmert sich um den Netzbetrieb. Die SVO investiert in eine nachhaltige und digitale Zukunft der Region. Die Unternehmensgruppe fördert Elektromobilität mit dem Ausbau der dafür nötigen Infrastruktur und bietet Lösungen, um die Energiewende in der Region voranzubringen. 

Ziel der SVO ist es, künftig alle Kund:innen mit 100 Prozent Ökostrom zu versorgen und als Unternehmensgruppe bis 2026 komplett emissionsfrei zu sein.

Development of the tariff and product guide

A tariff and product guide is a tool on a website that provides existing and potential customers with an overview of all tariffs and products. In this case, it was about electricity, natural gas and fiber optic tariffs as well as wallboxes for charging electric cars. Ultimately, the guide directs customers to tariffs or products and also recommends other products and services on the basis of the information provided. This makes the tool an important instrument for the company’s cross-selling and upselling strategy, as well as for the acquisition of new B2B and B2C customers. The conceptual work on the tool has been completed. It is currently in the technical implementation phase.

A particular challenge for the concept was the complexity of the customer groups consisting of new, existing, private, and business customers. In addition, there are different products and prices for the respective groups and sometimes discounts for the combination of specific products. Creating a schematic flowchart helped us map the complexity of target groups and their different customer journeys. It serves as a basis for the creation of the wireframes.

Extensive flowchart showing all possible customer journeys including data queries.

User-testing the concept

The result of the conception is a wireframe structure that represents all paths that users can take in the guide tool. To test this structure, we prepared the wireframe structure as a clickable dummy and carried out user testing. We usually test our work before it is implemented to make sure it is as user-friendly as possible.

The clickdummy shows the most important click paths and is the basis for user testing.

Why we employ user testing

These tests can help us learn from specific user behavior and find out where problems still occur. The insights we gained have helped us eliminate hurdles and make the tool more user-friendly.

How we carried out the user testing

Together with SVO, we defined concrete tasks that we then had a specific user group (with a defined age and gender) run through on defined devices. The users followed the steps of each task and were asked to comment on their impressions, which were documented on video and then evaluated by us. In our case, the tasks led to particularly complex products or took particularly long paths to reach the goal. We subsequently analyzed and evaluated the result and took a close look at which tasks were performed well and where problems were discovered. 

Sample task and results pages from user testing.

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