How "digital ready" is your company?

Find out how digital your company is

Not sure how “digital ready” your company is? Unsure about both internal operations and capabilities as well as exploiting your digital market potentials? No problem, our service “Digital Ready” helps you determine the digital maturity level of your company.

First, we thoroughly analyze your company. We examine the following areas in detail:

  • Infrastructure and systems
  • Data and its quality
  • Organization, processes, and scheduling
  • Qualifications and experiences
  • Digital market potentials


Then, we present the results to you in a workshop and propose specific measures to improve your digital maturity level. The measures are prioritized, ranging from quick solutions to long-term initiatives.

With Digital Ready, you receive a comprehensive assessment of your digital maturity level and specific recommendations to prepare optimally for the digital future. Let’s start your digital journey together now.

Your benefits at a glance

You know where your company stands

The comprehensive assessment provides a clear picture of the status quo

You recognize potentials

Audience data clarifies where your company can grow

You can get started

The time prioritization of measures enables a quick start

Let's delve into the details

Infrastructure & Systems

How efficient and performant is your technical infrastructure? How well do the individual systems integrate with each other? Central to this is the performance and flexibility of your Content Management System (CMS), responsible for website administration. How are internal systems connected for information exchange? This includes product details, availability, or prices managed in an ERP or Product Information Management (PIM) system. Also, integration with a CRM is crucial to seamlessly integrate digital leads into customer management and further processing.

Data and its Quality

Data quality is a crucial factor for a company’s success in the digital world. Data collected through digital channels such as social media (organic and paid), websites, or search engines play a significant role. It’s essential to ensure that this data is meaningful and usable for analysis. We check if tracking is correctly implemented and complies with privacy regulations. Additionally, we assess how data is processed to make it readily available for analysis and action derivation, for instance, through dashboards providing quick insights into key data and metrics.

Organization, Processes, and Timelines

How well-prepared is the organization with its processes for digital market activities? A challenge for many companies is that different departments such as sales, marketing, product development, and research and development often operate independently. However, expertise from all areas is necessary for successful digital market activities, requiring transparent communication between them. Moreover, it’s often unclear who drives digital initiatives within the company. We examine the current situation and propose an organizational structure facilitating the implementation and success of digital measures.

Qualifications and Experiences

Our analysis of qualifications and experiences focuses on assessing employees’ skills for digital market activities. We examine their knowledge and experiences in digital technologies, marketing strategies, and processes, evaluating existing skills and identifying training needs.

Digital Market Potentials

In analyzing digital market potentials, we assess the reach and engagement of the target audience on social media platforms and relevant search engine queries. Additionally, we examine how much of the current digital market potential is captured by competitors, identifying market segments of particular interest and growth potential for your company.

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