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What does BIGFOOD GmbH do?

The Bigfood Group offers a broad range of food and retail products, which they also manufacture and market to the retail trade. The group of companies includes Bigfood Produktions GmbH, Hamburger Käselager GmbH, The Go Foods Company, RAWLUTION, and the bedda brand.

We have accomplished various projects with LipoVibes, a startup from Hamburg that is part of the Bigfood Group. LipoVibes manufacture supplements with liposomes in the context of their patented Lipo Shield technology and bring momentum into this highly competitive market.

Our projects with LipoVibes

We created a Digital Game Plan for LipoVibes, including

  • market analysis
  • keyword research
  • search potential evaluation
  • search demand audits for the EU and US markets
  • analysis and definition of target audiences and analysis of their potentials on different social media platforms
  • created the customer journey

Afterwards, derived respective measures in a media plan, part of which we were even able to implement directly. Our partner Marketing Monsters were responsible for performance marketing, guidelines on assets like videos and ad banners, as well as for producing and managing the campaigns.

The goal of our cooperation

The goal of our collaboration is to help grow and distribute the product nationally and internationally and to establish direct-to-consumer business.

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Project team

André Hellmann
Anna Gienger
Henning Richters
Miguel Lucas
Chris Sattel
Digital Analytics-Strategian