Tree Testing Produktbild es ist ein Baum zu sehen, auf dem verschiedene Sprechblasen und Diagramme dargestellt sind und der gesamte Baum wird von Strukturen durchzogen

Tree Testing: how good is your website structure?

Clear structure for extensive content

Your website is your digital storefront. It leads potential customers to your products and services, provided it works. The more content you offer, the quicker your website will seem cluttered and confusing to users. If you’re lucky, they’ll contact you directly about this. In reality, most people simply bounce off your page in search of another, clearer offer. You might see these missed opportunities reflected in your analytics figures. However, from those figures alone, you won’t learn what you can improve. This is precisely where tree testing can provide valuable insights.

Your benefits at a glance


Users find what they're looking for on the first glance.


Optimized and short paths from first point of contact to conversion.


Content and functions on your website are intuitively discoverable.

How Tree Testing works

Tree Testing can help you with these questions:

  • Can users navigate your website effectively?
  • Which content should be prioritized for placement?
  • Can the website be better organized?
  • Do others understand the wording in the menu?

Example from a Tree Testing: This is how test participants can evaluate and navigate through website content.

Target group-oriented optimization through careful testing

When structuring complex content, you may eventually reach your limits in optimization. That’s why we recommend taking a look at your sitemap and information architecture without being influenced by the company’s perspective. In tree testing, we use neutral test subjects to determine how easy it is to find content on your website. In contrast to usability testing, where the visual design of your site also plays a role, we focus on the structure and linking of the content.

We carefully test the structure of your content and discuss the results with you.

Conteact persons:

Doro Sthamer
Katrin Moos
Rachel Gozal
Ramona Buhleier
Dual Student Media Design
Michael Wallner

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