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Usability Testing: user feedback for your products

Feedback from real people

No matter how carefully you design or how often you check something yourself, some problems will simply escape your notice. Of course, it can help to ask colleagues for feedback, but again, things easily get lost in the day-to-day business. That’s why we like to conduct usability tests for our customers and in our projects.

Usability Testing is the way to go if…

  • you have vamped up your website and are about to (re)launch it
  • you would like a proof of concept
  • you need solid arguments for a website relaunch or audit
  • not enough orders are placed in your store
  • your landing pages do not generate enough conversions
  • you want to test a new design “on site”
  • you want to make sure users can use your product without having any problems
  • there are many different perspectives and interests in your project and you want to test the resulting compromise

Test subjects from your target audience

We’ll make sure only unbiased test subjects participate in your user testing. We’ll find a solution together, even if you have a very specific target audience. If your company has already accumulated a pool of candidates, we’ll be happy to make use of it. The more participants notice an issue during testing, the more pressing it will be classified in the test report. But the most important thing is the general process: how easily can users navigate your website? Does your website reach its pre-defined goal? If you have answers to these questions, your project will move forward more smoothly.

Your benefits at a glance

Immediate feedback

Users directly mirror any usability issues you might have.

From your target audience

We employ relevant participants in your testing.

Immediate optimization

With clear recommendations and a checklist, you can address issues right away.

Usability Testing: our process

Comprehensive test report and recommended action

We record and evaluate the tests and collect the results in a test report, which we’ll then hand over and go through with you. Our test reports include immediate recommendations for action and a checklist. We’ll also give an overview of the aspects that already work well so that they won’t be lost in the further flow of the project.


Your product or website must already be usable. If it’s still in the beta testing phase, that’s fine, too. The process you want tested must at least be active as a prototype, e.g. a website should be usable as a clickdummy or an app must already work for users. Your target audience must be clearly defined – don’t worry, we can help you with that, too.

Usability testing: price

Remote Usability Testing

We test with 5 participants on one device (mobile or desktop) for EUR 4,400. We record videos of about 20 minutes and make a detailed analysis, the evaluation of which we provide to you afterward.


Moderated Usability Testing

In case of specific requirements, for example regarding the target group, a moderated usability testing is necessary. Moderated testing takes place on site, in a carefully prepared environment. The duration and scope of the test depends on the test object. We usually expect 4 – 5 people to go through the test. These test runs are also recorded and carefully evaluated. Please contact us for a moderated usability testing, we will write an individual quote for you.

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