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Team Digital Analytics

Where you find us

As the Digital Analytics team, we are always in the thick of things. Thanks to our work with tracking, analyses, dashboards and reporting, we can collect and evaluate useful data. This allows the other teams and our customers to make reliable decisions and not just rely on their gut feeling or a one-sided data situation. You’ll mainly meet us in the Karlsruhe office, where we dig deep into the data and produce important information.

How we work​

Reliable data is the be-all and end-all for our work. That’s why we pay close attention to the correct and sensible integration of tracking. We’re on board at the very beginning of a project, so we can provide the information you need afterward. Through our deep understanding of data and broad industry experience, we have developed standards that make our job easier and bring you valuable insights and benchmarks. Most often, we are in the Google world around Analytics and Tag Manager. However, we are also familiar with the important alternatives and are happy to set up tracking for your company for these as well. After the technical setup, it’s time for the evaluation and presentation of the results. For this purpose, we have developed dashboards that we can tailor completely individually for you and everyone in the company. So everyone gets exactly the data they need.

Our Tools

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Team Digital analytics

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Digital Analytics-Strategian
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Digital Analytics-Strategian

Our projects

Learn more about what we do with and for our partners, how we develop strategies that help them reach their goals, and how we support their digital journey.