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Impulse Workshop for your B2B marketing

Discover your digital potential

B2B marketing thrives on personal contacts and close exchange. During the pandemic, in which trade fairs and customer meetings could not be held, this came up short. That’s why it’s especially important for B2B companies to further develop their digital marketing strategies. In this endeavor, your team might be faced with some essential questions: Where to start? Where do you stand? And who can you learn from? At the end of our workshop, you will be able to answer these questions. You’ll know where to start, where you can already make a difference in the short term, and which digital playing fields you need to dedicate yourself to in the future.

Audits make the workshop more worthwhile

We can go more in-depth into your B2B marketing if we take a closer look at other areas in addition to analyzing your current website traffic. For this, we recommend one or more of our audits in conjunction with the Impulse Workshop. This is not an obligation, but it will make the results of the workshop more productive and valuable. Here are some of the possible audits and products:

Your benefits at a glance

Practical impulses for your strategy

Trends and benchmarks provide valuable insights

Detailed explanations

Detailed explanations with screenshots that you can implement directly

Flexible scope of the workshop

You decide how extensive the analysis will be

Included in the impulse workshop for B2B marketing:

The preparation, implementation, and follow-up of the workshop are part of your booking. Here’s a small part of the agenda for you, so you know what to expect:

  • Digital B2B trends
  • Current market trends and studies
  • Best practices and cases from our previous work
  • Analysis of your website:
    • Analysis of reach development
    • The sources and channels your target group uses
    • What is the most successful content
    • What exactly is being searched for
  • Quick Wins
  • Next steps

Medien & Projekt-Strategin Christina gibt Dir wertvolle Impulse im Workshop, die Du für Dein Unternehmen umsetzen kannst.

Workshop requirements

You decide how deep the analysis should go, and thus also how far we can set impulses. That’s why we’ll have a call prior to the workshop to figure out which additional audits will benefit you and how to proceed from there. Depending on which additional audit you book, we’ll need access and permissions to your tracking accounts, e.g. Google Analytics or Tag Manager. We’ll determine access and permissions individually and take care of it once we have planned the project.

Impulse workshop: price

The workshop itself – including preparation and follow-up – costs EUR 2,500 euros, excl. VAT.

Each additional audit you book (so that the workshop can go even deeper), will be EUR 2,000 instead of the regular EUR 2,500 (excl. VAT). We will discuss this thoroughly in advance so that we’ll have the right amount of data we can work with in the workshop.

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Christina D’Ilio
Digital Business-Strategian
André Hellmann

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