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Our mutual projects

We have merged the different brands’ websites to the one distinct domain. It serves as a key contact point for both stationary and online customers and helps achieve our goals as laid out above. In another project, we integrated various interfaces into the shop system, especially ERP, payment, and the automated import of product master data. This simplified the processes in the online store and sales enormously and saved time and resources. Together, we are responsible for creating new teams and training employees. 

We also take care of online marketing, traditional marketing, and performance marketing for the online store. Working with Gartenmöbel Company, we had already proved that digital measures can strengthen traditional retail trade and tap new   online markets and target groups. Our learnings and processes we then applied to the Wohnparc project. We have been partners with Wohnparc Online GmbH since they hired their first employee and have been in close and constant consultation about all digitalization steps and measures since then.

Our mutual goal

Für und mit Lampify arbeiten wir an der Etablierung als starken Online-Shop für hochwertige Leuchten und der Bereinigung und Optimierung des Sortiments.

What we’ve worked on together

Rebranding Lampify was an exciting project, which we were able to complete in a short time. We migrated the shop system to WooCommerce and worked on search engine optimization for the website on a technical, structural, and content level. We worked on further automating processes, like the integration of price monitoring and repricing. In our project, we have also utilized performance marketing that focuses on Google Shopping and a variety of price check websites. This is where we help to teach employees, as well.

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Project team

Chris Sattel
Digital Analytics-Strategian
Doro Sthamer
Henning Richters
Stephan Sperling
Andres A.
Daniel Kudwien
Marc Del Amo
Miguel Lucas