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Team Digital Business

Where you'll find us​

We take a bird’s eye view of digital issues and develop a roadmap together – the digital strategy. Or as we call it: the Digital Game Plan. The digital world is spinning fast and ever onward – that’s why we step on the gas, provide important impetus and give quick feedback. You can meet the Digital Business team at our offices in Karlsruhe, in beautiful Cologne, or on-site with customers.

How we work

We are always involved in the projects from the very beginning, analyzing your current status, the market situation and planning the next steps. These look different for each project, but we have a clear goal in mind for all projects that we want to achieve with various measures. Even after the strategy projects have been implemented, we continue to accompany our partners on their digital journey with sparring appointments and strategic consulting. As a team, we cover all important perspectives for strategic planning. We bring our years of experience from different industries to all new projects: for example, media and publishing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail and tourism.

Das Digital Business Team

André Hellmann
Anna Gienger
Christina D’Ilio
Digital Business-Strategian
Daniel Kudwien

Our projects

Learn more about what we do with and for our partners, how we develop strategies that help them reach their goals, and how we support their digital journey.

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