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Team Develpment

Where you find us

We implement the technological aspects of the Digital Game Plan. This can be a digital product, an online store or website and also the technical infrastructure behind the projects. The Development team is spread all over the world, as we also work remotely in some cases. However, you will meet the core in the Karlsruhe office and the office in Barcelona, but of course also at our events.

How we work

All projects adhere to international coding standards and conventions. Due to this clean code strategy, documentation and working in English, our results are flexible and universally extensible. On the one hand, this is important for our remote work, but in perspective it also saves resources and budget. It allows everything to be further developed by other partners without the need for lengthy training.

Our development projects go through similar phases as those of our colleagues from other disciplines: We start with a detailed analysis and prioritization of the user’s needs for the digital product before we get started with the conceptual design, make a technological decision together, and then move into the agilely organized implementation of the project. After the implementation, we regularly look at the performance together and, if necessary, take care of the maintenance and long-term development of your digital products.

Team Development

Andres A.
Daniel Kudwien
Fabian Marz
Franziska Filograsso
Italo Devoto Ramella
Marc Del Amo
Miguel Lucas