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What does ltur do?

tur, which is based in Rastatt, Southern Germany, is Europe’s leading last minute travel agency. With ltur, you can book the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones: in their shop you can choose flights from over 130 airlines plus the right accommodation (from over 10,000 hotels). We assisted the ltur team with the relaunch of their travel blog.

What we have achieved with ltur

The idea was for the travel blog to be dynamic and user-friendly for the bloggers as well as for ltur’s content team. Using WordPress, obviously. In addition, the content must be easy to find on the web, which requires close coordination with ltur’s SEO team. People who like traveling can of course have a variety of other interests. Our goal is to inspire these people with great recommendations, pictures & experience reports and finally lead them to the online shop, where they can book their trip there directly. In a nutshell: what we needed was a good SEO strategy for a travel blog that was easy and quick to create.

The result of the relaunch

Ausschnitt der Landingpage von ltur

Our learnings

Using this WordPress blog, the ltur content team can now autonomously create separate static pages and regular blog posts. The blocks and functions we developed make it easy to keep the posts versatile and interesting. The new content blocks of the Gutenberg Editor are very user-friendly, so the SEO quality of new texts and articles can be improved immediately.

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Project team

Doro Sthamer
Michael Wallner
Henning Richters
Daniel Kudwien
Miguel Lucas
Miriam Ochs
Fabian Marz