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What does HAURATON GmbH & Co. KG do?

HAURATON is a global leader in the drainage systems industry. In their large-scale projects, which include the drainage of airports, racetracks, or harbors that require the supply of systems for holistic stormwater management, professional planning, and service strength are needed just as much as development and production. HAURATON has been successfully operating on an international level as a specialist in surface drainage for 65 years. The medium-sized company currently has 20 international branches and is active in sales in over 70 countries.

Which challenges does HAURATON face?

For the longest time, the construction industry did not fully exploit its digital sales potential. Classic marketing measures such as visiting trade fairs or sending mailings with catalogs were given higher priority than the structural processing of digital channels. It wasn’t just the pandemic that fundamentally changed this attitude, although it did make ventures such as trade fair visits difficult or impossible. Many companies in the construction industry, including HAURATON, now see their greatest growth potential in the digital realm.

Since HAURATON’s marketing strategy focused on other areas in the past, the systems used by their marketing team were not optimally designed for the requirements of an international digital strategy. In addition to developing an overarching digital strategy, the goal of the collaboration was and continues to be to provide an infrastructure that meets the digital goals and needs of the company and its target groups.

Since their competitors are already well-positioned in the digital sphere, it is important to quickly implement suitable measures to achieve initial results and build up expertise in marketing and sales. Thus, the team needs a quick and agile approach in which the technical infrastructure can be implemented, experience gained, and initial leads and customers generated.

Goal of the digital strategy

The challenges result in specific goals that we mutually defined at the beginning of our collaboration. The primary goal was to develop a digital sales and marketing strategy that would raise HAURATON’s profile in the digital world and help the company generate leads and customers. Another key aspect of the collaboration was the development of a technological framework. Based on these goals, we derived the further measures of our Digital Game Plan.

HAURATON & netzstrategen - how we work together

Netzstrategen and HAURATON started working together in 2018. Initially, we did a digital inventory and conducted audits for the following areas:

  • Website setup
  • Onsite SEO
  • Tracking & analysis
  • Paid online marketing setup


Based on our audit results, we derived a number of quick wins and thus had some first approaches for developing a digital strategy. These we explored further by developing target groups and personas and designing their customer journeys. The resulting strategy specifically links the needs of the target groups with the company’s products and goals.

As a proof of concept, the planned strategy was initially implemented and tested for the market entry in Chile. For this purpose, the measures were adapted to the customer journey of the target group in Chile in April 2019. The precise target group analysis enabled specific advertising campaigns that generated leads and customers via specially developed landing pages. Following this verification, the strategy was adapted for the German and UK markets in the following year. For this purpose, specific advertising campaigns were designed in each case and additional landing pages were created in line with the separate target group needs. In 2021, the strategy was successfully extended to other countries – including France, Poland, and the UK.

Success stories

HAURATON’s new digital strategy has been successfully implemented in seven countries to date. The new landingpages and corresponding performance marketing continue to succeed in generating leads and developing projects from them.

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